Clash 231

Clash chair is an outstanding all-purpose chair with an ingenious frame integrated row connection. The connection comes as an accessory and it is unnoticeable and user friendly. The chair piles up straight.
The Clash range was named after its production method. There are no visible attachments in the seat and legs of the chair, as these are joined to each other by clashing the parts together - hence the name Clash. The solution for linking the chairs in rows is genius in simplicity, creating a feeling of grace and dignified subtlety.
Competitions and awards / 2004 First prize, Grand Prix Mobitex / 2004 First prize, ADEX Platinum / 2003 First prize, FX Award ,London.

Wooden parts: oak, birch or beech
Surface finishing: lacquer finish, staining or paintwork according to the color scheme
Frame: chrome or paintwork according to the color scheme
Upholstery: seat and front upholstery
Accessories: row connection, felt glides, chair trolley
Weight: 5.5 kg
Width 490 mm
Depth 520 mm
Height 810/450 mm

Product sheet
2D / 3D Files 

clash_231Clash 231 A clash_231Clash 231 AC clash_231Clash 231 AD


Clash 231 AD

Clash 231 AZ linking in to row